The LBDAO mini ecological KOL-NFT
of "Free Elf" will be launched on August 13 ,2022.
Please stay tuned and be patient.

KOL-NFT Node snapping



We have decentralized the application freelancers based on themeta universe ecology, including BTC accountingdecentralization, ETH smart contract decentralization, filstorage decentralization, and LBD...

Self-organization Freelancers

Belief in the decentralized self-organization of freelancers (metaverse application scenarios): rules on the chain, incentives and transparency, decentralized governance, shared banks, task rewards, and freedom of entry and exit are our unremitting pursuits!

Our Strategy

The Roadmap

In March 2020

Organize an online freelance organization to develop LBDAO together

In August 2020

Global freelancers combined with the decentralized application of blockchain to allow more free technicians to participate in node work with toke rewards

In May 2021

Enter the R&D of LBDAO as freelancer

In September 2021

Mainnet algorithm update, GPU speed-up plan

In December 2021

Testnet Incentive Plan Node and LBDAO Economic Model

In February 2022

Work freely around the world to participate in the first phase of LBDAO application experience!

April 2022-January 2023

Plan LBDAO's task initiation and free work to form a point-to-point application and future scenario ecology

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Future Plan

Future scenario

LBDAO was born from the belief that no single product or blockchain will be responsible for the evolution of task allocation, but the sum of everyone's efforts.LBDAO aims to accelerate this process, so we are embracing a multi chain world.Launching on multiple chains will bring us closer to the future of redefining work, life and licensing through NFT standards.


The total pool of free destroyers to participate in LBDAO is 840 million in the fusion release.


The total pool of free Contributor to participate in LBDAO is 840 million in the fusion release.


The total pool of free Technologies to participate in LBDAO is 840 million in the fusion release.


150 million free quests will be released with the reward of the quest


Each 15% of the total release ratio rewards 77 nodes worldwide

Pot Flow

10 million to increase the circulation of the bottom pool


LBDAO “Medal of Freedom” of Balancer ecology the media rushed to report:Canadian Digital Journalhttp...